Project Summary

Films4Europe is an intercultural media-project with young people from the 4 twin-towns Château-Gontier, Frome, Rabka-Zdrój and Murrhardt. With this project we want to encourage an exchange between young people of the four twin towns and in addition to that, achieve the continuance and the development of our great youth ambassador network. After getting to know all the participants from each country at the twin town meeting in July in Murrhardt, a film workshop is going to take place in each town. Together we are going to work on the theme of town twinning and Europe by producing short films on our own. Show the youth ambassadors from the other countries your hometown and your way of life and learn more about the life of your friends abroad!
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Project aims


Films4Europe will connect young people in Europe and encourage a bright community of people from all over the continent. In particular films offer a chance for a lively exchange between them.

European Society

Films4Europe wants to achieve a long-term consistency of the youth ambassador network through this project and especially through the produced image-film. Thereby they become aware of their active role in the European society.

Cultural Diversity

Films4Europe contributes to the promotion of tolerance and cultural diversity. Within the video production the young people are discussing with their own and other cultures and perspectives that are shown in the videos. Thereby they become aware of their own cultural identity and try to deal with it.


Films4Europe will give the young people the opportunity to share their everyday life conditions with the young people from the other twin towns. Thereby they explore the chances of social media for intercultural communication. In addition to that the entire project process will be shared on our social media plattforms with the whole world.

the films 4 europe team

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Hi. I am Olga. I am 22 and I live in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Together with Claramarie I study Cultural and Media Education. I am very happy to spend my project semester in the four twin towns by making films 4 Europe, exploring new places and creating a community of young, curious and open-minded people.
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Harry Foreman

Hi. My name is Harry, I am 17 and I live in Frome, England. I am currently studying for my A-Levels and am extremely passionate about film and media. I am so grateful for being invited to the project by Clara and Olga and cannot wait to meet young people like ourselves in Frome’s twin towns and exchange ideas and ‘ways of life.’
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Claramarie Sternagel

Hi. I am Claramarie, I am 22 and I live in Murrhardt, Germany. I study Cultural and Media Education and we have the possibility to spend one semester on planning and carrying out a project on our own. As I am a youth ambassador since 2011 I decided to dedicate the project to the development of the great “Friends for Europe”-project.

Our Journey...

These were the dates that we visited the twin towns.

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